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With access to state-of-the-art investment databases and communication with qualified money managers, Beverly has the tools, resources and experience necessary to help you properly evaluate your needs. She will develop a customized analysis using existing tax-advantaged, tax-deductible, and tax-deferred alternatives designed to accelerate wealth accumulation.

Estate Planning 

Estate taxes can deplete a lifetime's worth of hard work. Without proper planning, state law will dictate who will receive your assets regardless of your wishes. Proper planning can reduce potential problems, taxes, and assure that a proper transfer of assets is arranged.

Beverly works with your legal counsel and tax professional to examine your wills, trusts, property titles and business agreements to help ensure adequate income for your family and estate costs.


Sound planning begins by building a strong base of financial security. Beverly has access to a wide variety of insurance products designed to help manage the risks of premature death, disability, and health care.

Retirement Planning 

Retirement should be a time of financial independence. Beverly can assist you in estimating your need to maintain your current lifestyle at retirement. Company-sponsored retirement plans, individual retirement accounts, savings accounts, and other sources of income are evaluated, and then a step-by-step strategy is determined to help ensure retirement financial goals.

Education Planning 

Increasing annual tuition costs makes saving for a college education more important than ever before. There are a number of scholarships, grants, and loans available to students to offset this increasing expense, however, not everyone can qualify for these types of financial aid. Beverly can assist by developing a savings strategy and being aware of changing tax rules and options that affect funding for a college education.